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2014.09.08_NZNO_LaunchBlogPost_imageNowadays, more and more New Zealand workers are seeking work / life balance.  Kai Tiaki previously reported the findings of research conducted by the New Zealand Department of Labour which indicated that 40 percent of respondents had experienced difficulties achieving an acceptable level of work / life balance.  Significantly, it found that nurses were amongst the workers experiencing the most difficulty in getting the balance right.

With this in mind, NZNO recently teamed up with Member Advantage to review its member benefits program.  In addition to the NZNO negotiated benefits you’ve already enjoyed, Member Advantage brings you a host of great benefits designed to make your life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable including:

  • Great discounts on hotels worldwide
  • Attractive corporate rates on car rental
  • Competitive foreign exchange rates across 47 currencies and fee-free transfers
  • Savings on over 4,500 experiences and gifts

Click here and log in using your NZNO membership number to discover the benefits available to you.

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