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washing_handsThis blog post was written by an experienced NZNO delegate at Hutt Hospital.

Just when I thought the morale at Hutt Hospital couldn’t sink any lower and staff had had enough of negative reporting, last week saw yet another damming media report.  Hutt Hospital staff do not wash their hands as much as other hospitals, earning the unenviable accolade of being the dirtiest hospital in the country.

As a registered nurse at Hutt Hospital, I felt personally affronted, not only by the report which I felt beggared belief, but also by the derogatory, insensitive and extremely hurtful social media comments that resulted. I take my personal hygiene seriously. I want to reduce risk to my patients and reduce the risk to myself. I do not want to inflict unwanted bugs on my family.

I was hoping Management would respond quickly to the article in our defence (and surely they must?), providing reasons which could have contributed to the findings and reassuring the general public and staff that processes are in place to change these worrying statistics.

I’m also disappointed there has been no public apology about the article that accused nursing staff of ‘hiding beds and manipulating Trend Care data’ – albeit we were reassured management were misquoted in this article but the public are still waiting to hear this.

I’ve worked at Hutt Hospital in varying roles for the past 13 years and am concerned about the low morale. I’ve seen colleagues having full blown anxiety attacks, staff in tears because they feel at their wits end and “just can’t do this anymore”.  Many staff have already left and the rate of resignations is climbing and picking up speed. In the meantime we’re constantly being told that we need to work harder, smarter, faster.

This all comes hot on the heels of being told last week through the media that DHB CEOs been given a huge pay rise – up to 48%! Many view these pay rises as obscene and totally immoral in today’s economic climate.

We can’t go on like this. I hope HVDHB start implementing  strategies to support staff to be able to provide the high level of care we want for our patients.


9 thoughts on “Give us a hand

  1. Divide and conquer. Same old story. Get the peasants (and the public) blaming each other for the problems. Takes the attention off the incompetence of greedy management/government.

  2. It certainly does not seem right. Low morale will deplete the nursing care delivered. High increases at the top do not help the critical issues further down. Please respect your nurses for always going the extra mile to try and make the system work for you.

  3. As a Hutt resident, and user of the hospital, we have experienced nothing but professional, efficient care provided by dedicated professionals. You do a fantastic job under challenging conditions.

  4. Nothing but good things to say about the many teams at Hutt Hospital. Myself and several family members have experienced nothing but great treatment. It is the staff who have earned the 48% pay rises.

  5. Wish this website had a ‘like’ button! Thank you all for such positive, lovely comments. I/we were begining to feel that nobody believed in us anymore. Great morale booster that I hope will take us to better things 🙂

  6. All nurses in every DHB feel the pain and pressures believe me!

  7. Chris I totally agree with you and I’m fully aware that most of Hutt hospitals issues are national issues. If we are to change the way the government and DHB management run our hospitals we ALL need to speak up! I just had enough of sitting on my hands, listening to myself and my colleagues grumbling and complaining amongst ourselves, that won’t change anything, speaking up will! It’s going to be another long three years before we get the opportunity to negotiate pay rates and working conditions again. I’m asking everyone to speak up, loudly! Support the MECA meetings – make noise, lots of it! We need to be a united voice sending a resounding message to management and government that 0.7% isn’t even a starting point, it’s an insult!

  8. I once remember a friend of mine who was in the British army. Since retired from a senior position. Many many years ago, he said the army could be run very well just by a handful of Majors, and I am sure he was right. I would be very confident that the Hospitals could be run very efficiently and much more economically if there were all run by a group of senior nurses and their like… get rid of the overpaid executives and their assocaited lap dog managers all on obsene salaries… these scum have to play their game to keep themselves in the ill deserved positions they hold… pass it on !!!

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