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International Day of the Midwife

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Film-Colour-1Midwife and NZNO delegate Joanna Ramsay talks about her career as a midwife.

I feel so blessed to be a midwife in our primary unit, within our local community, where I work with kind and competent colleagues, awesomely brave and knowledgeable lead maternity carers, and the treasured women, babies and families of Kāpiti.

We are a small unit that packs a lot of punch! A bastion of midwifery and woman-centered care!

I feel honoured to work in a profession and workplace that enables me to participate in that most miraculous of times; birth. To share in that most intimate and beautiful occasion, to witness the opening up, the joy and pain, and the process of recovery.

I understand what it is to be with women; midwives and clients alike. To give my love in that work, assisting as I can; a kind word, a helpful insight, an experienced pair of hands, a pot of tea, kindness and encouragement.

I am proud out unit has a 98 percent breastfeeding rate for many years, and proudly, our fourth Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative recertification in 2014. Being involved in supporting breastfeeding, which I consider to be the most important health measure in the world, is a gift.

To women I say; “You are giving your baby the gift of health, having given them the gift of life! Your milk is liquid love! And generational health!”

It is my gift to see the women feeding competently, staring lovingly at their newborn; those amazing little creatures at the cutting edge of energy.

There have been many midwives who have helped to grow our unit into the positive and well-functioning place that it is. A generative, inclusive and growing entity that seeks to develop and improve its processes and effectiveness in an on-going way. One of the beauties of our unit is our communications with each other and our relationships, with each other and with our clients and their whānau.

What a place – midwife, women and family friendly! I am so proud to belong here. It is joyous and satisfying. It is challenging and heartbreaking. But always, it is overwhelmingly wonderful work. I am honoured to be of this womanly line.

Joanna Ramsay RCN RM


One thought on “International Day of the Midwife

  1. Thanks for sharing this Joanna. To be a mother is certainly a life experience that can never be replaced
    Marion Guy

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