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NZ must walk away from the TPPA


FB coverThe leaks are coming thick and fast as Trans Pacific Partnership talks are reaching their conclusion. From what we know, it seems there are many downsides and not many benefits for our nation.

In the words of Kenny Rogers, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em.”

Well, we think it’s time to fold ‘em.

We’re worried that Trade Minister Tim Groser is afraid he would lose face if New Zealand was to walk away from the deal at this late stage, but it’s what we need to do.

A trade deal that privileges big business over nations, that reduces our ability to purchase affordable medicines, that will impact on our health and well-being in many ways is not a deal we need.

Sometimes the bravest thing to do is walk away.


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4 thoughts on “NZ must walk away from the TPPA

  1. The trouble is Groser is so driven to have TPPA succeed he is ignoring the risks it poses to New Zealand .
    It’s his baby regardless of the harm it will cause.
    And of concern is John Keys confession that medicines will cost more , considering the TPPA has been under negotiation for Keys entire political career this last minute confession makes me wonder what else they are hiding from us !
    More facts about the TPPA can be found here…
    I invite people to google TPPA, please and join us in our push for true democratic process by asking Government to release the full text before committing us to this corporate wish list

  2. Individually I am doing all I can to inform people around me. Their ignorance is appalling. They just put it all in the “too hard ” basket. Could we organise a ‘noise’ protest a la the Hawaiian Conch effort ? Drums and bagpipes might liven things up !

  3. Big action week starting 8th of August to the 15th of August, including marches. I’ll be putting up posters round my workplace for the sheeples to take note of.

  4. TPPA will take away the Crowns sovereignty and cede it to nameless international corporates and thus Maori tinorangatiratanga will also be compromised and so the Treaty will be put below the power of TPPA and foreign corporates

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