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An open letter to John Key


It’s been kept pretty hush-hush but it looks like the New Zealand Government wants to sign us up to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement in the next couple of days. The views of an overwhelming majority of New Zealanders are being completely ignored. If you want to put your hand up and say, “Walk away from the TPPA!”, here’s your opportunity.

If you would like to become a signatory to the open letter below, please add your name in the comments, or print the file, sign it and send it to:

Rt Hon John Key
Prime Minister
Parliament Buildings

An open letter to the Government from nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants
September 2015

Tēnā koe Prime Minister

We are disturbed to read reports that you intend to seek a hasty conclusion to negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

“It’s the best we could do” is not a good enough reason to sign a bad deal.

As health professionals we believe the best we can do to ensure our communities stay healthy is to ask you to reject the deal, and walk away.
Access to the best medicines at the earliest opportunity and at an affordable price is vitally important.

Signing New Zealand up to a deal that puts our health, our sovereignty, and our quality of life at risk is foolhardy.

It is not too late to walk away from Trans Pacific Partnership talks. Please do the right thing for New Zealand.

Nāku iti noa, nā
The New Zealand Nurses Organisation
and the undersigned

227 thoughts on “An open letter to John Key

  1. The negative impact will overshadow our health system immediately and to future generations. You are elected to serve the people not ignore us.
    Add my name to the petition.
    Thank you,
    Lyndall Mitha RN.

  2. Matthew Thompson

  3. Tessa McIntosh RN

  4. Don’t do it John Key. If you feel we must, can we have a referendum on it first please?

  5. Add my name to the petition.
    Turn away from TPPA.
    There are so many negatives that out weigh any benefits for the everyday New Zealander.

  6. Michelle Cassidy
    Add my name to the petition, any fool can see its not going to do the average kiwi any good. I just cant believe how you keep getting away with all this bull shit. Exactly what Lyndall Mitha said . . . . The negative impact will overshadow our health system immediately and to future generations. You are elected to serve the people not ignore us.

  7. TPPA will leave our health system destroyed with ordinary New Zealanders the losers, the government has no right to sign this partnership which will severely deprive future generations of their heritages due to rulings that we have no say over.

  8. I would like to say to John Key that he might feel the TPPA deal is good for the country but he does not live on low wages with continual rent increases. Please consider the whole of New Zealand and not just the wealthy. We the public of New Zealand should and deserve to have a say on such an important decision. Add my name to the petition.

  9. Signing the TPPA is signing away the democratic and sovereign rights of our people/whanau and our land Aotearoa New Zealand. People need to be able to decide what is right for our nation.

  10. Gail Hart RNBN

  11. Murray Hart RPN (retired)

  12. Please add my name to the comments. I have marched against the TPPA several times, I have shared facebook protests and continue to protest against this deal. NZ needs to retain its democratic and sovereign rights. Please walk away from this agreement.

  13. I sign this open letter, with the knowledge that every single peer, health-professionals-to-be I have spoken with, backs me. The TPPA doesn’t give us a future in healthcare we want, For the sake of a safer future, please walk away.
    Madeleine McLean – 3rd year student nurse.

  14. Annette Campbell

  15. The effects of change to the climate will affect our future generations, now is the time to take responsibility for the part we all play, and do what we can to mitigate the effects, as a nation and as individuals.
    Leadership is essential.

  16. As a retired Registered Nurse I can see the harm this treaty will cause to those with health problems, for generations to come. You have wasted millions of dollars in your attempt to get rid of our current flag, while continuing to pretend to be respectful of our Royal Family, so if you really respect the wishes of the people who elected you, then hold a referendum on this issue before signing the treaty and at least give people the chance to say what they want.

  17. John Key and his cabinet are all elected representatives of the kiwi public. is appears obvious that they are ignoring public opinion thus disgracing there positions as our leaders and proving they are corrupted and not to be trusted to look after our interests in a democratic manner. I believe it is imperative we consider the example of iceland because if our interests cannot be represented in a democratic manner by our parliamentarians and bankers they do not deserve to be in a position of power and can do irreparable damage to our countries citizens democratic rights and freedom.
    Make no mistake if tpp is allowed to be implemented in NZ and Australia it is a severe start of the loss of our democratic rights and freedoms..

  18. I agree with all the above comments and the Open Letter.
    The TPPA has nothing of value to the average or low income NZ citizen in my opinion.

  19. I’m saddened of what NZ will lose. We want to be ourselves, independent in thought and action, unique in the world; not tied in knots to something we have no control over. We don’t need this. The answers to the worlds problems is not the decision of a few who are interested in control/money. We nurses are constantly looking out for others, in our families, in our jobs, in our communities. We are constantly encouraged to do more and while we turn ourselves inside out trying to do our best, we are sold out by such things as this idea.
    It is a step backwards to try to create something like the EU, this is already failing – we NZers do not need to find ourselves in the situation of Greece, being forced into making decisions that we could well have avoided.
    What we especially don’t need is to be dictated to by the corporate world about decisions that we want control of – our environment and our descendants’ future; it is being sold out here.
    Don’t do it!

  20. Ruth Roberts RN

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