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Nurses, a force for change

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We offer a warm thank you to talented NZNO member, Judy Hitchcock, for sending us this International Nurses Day poem.

Nurses: a force for change, improving health systems’ resilience


With Mother’s day remembered and now “Nurses week” ahead

There’s material citing ‘resilience’ that really should be read.

The ICN has nailed it, no more elephant in the room,

We need to look at what we do, how and why and we must do it soon.

Changing trends demands resilience but now here comes the spin:

Embracing less as being more, it’s the accountants who really win

With wages and employment frozen and hours cut to six

The expectation is still to find that perfect skill based mix

Dollars saved on paper, it’s easy to count the cost

Harder to quantify as ‘savings’ the quality that’s been lost.

Resilient in facing change with less; of course we will do more,

We give the best we can with what we have; only the minimum is poor,

There’s making it the ‘buzz-word’ endorsing our ability to cope,

But nurses are more than just resilient, for nurses provide the hope,

Whilst in the darkest hours, filled with misery and despair,

It’s nurses who provide the light, using evidence based care,

As Florence did in days gone by, “The lady with the lamp” as she was known,

Nurses care for those in desperate need and where that Red Cross is flown,

Targeted for their commitment, it’s not just resilient they must be.

But commended for their unwavering courage and acts of bravery,

Florence showed indomitable resilience, tending those injured in the war.

And still the founder of our profession inspires us to do much more:

“Unless we are making progress in our nursing every year, every month, every week,
Take my word for it, we are going back”

You can almost hear her speak.

Thoughts become our actions and speak louder than the spoken word.

Resilience and determination will ensure our voices will be heard.

Nurses are a force for change, of that there is no doubt,

Resilient and yet still caring: it’s what nursing is all about.


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