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Not so ACE


Yesterday, about 600 new graduate nurses had their hopes raised and then dashed when the ACE system malfunctioned badly.

Graduate nurses were mistakenly sent an email congratulating them on gaining a Nurse entry to practice (NETP) position at Auckland DHB.

If you were one of those nurses, we feel for you, it must have been a tough day.

ACE assures us this is a one-off and that’s good to hear because NZNO believes the system is a really good way of matching new grads with jobs.

We can’t help noting that this mistake wouldn’t have happened if the Government funded a NETP position for every new grad nurse. We believe this is the only answer for a fair, well-supported and sustainable nursing workforce that can take us into the future, and you can count on us to keep pushing for that.


You can find out more about our campaign for 100% NETP here:

6 thoughts on “Not so ACE

  1. I feel for these nurses. How absolutely gutting for them. And shameful that there is not enough funding for all new grad nurses to get NetP placements.

  2. IT glitches….. How terrible for all concerned.

  3. Hopefully this will highlight the need to create and fund positions for all new graduate nurses.

  4. Will this apply to ENs as we currently have no netp or integration programme.

  5. I got the placement as a Netp new graduate nurse but after the one year programme that was it. I think once new grads gain a spot on the Netp programme they should be supported to continue on where they are employed. It is also hard for the graduated Netp nurses. That too should be addressed too.

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