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Comment policy

NZNO moderates all comments.

We welcome all kinds of thoughts – supportive, dissenting, critical or otherwise and are comfortable with anonymous comments.

We do not delete or censor comments unless they have content that:

  • is abusive or uses expletives
  • is off-topic
  • may contravene the NZ Nursing Council code of conduct
  • infringes another’s privacy
  • promotes hate of any kind
  • is blatantly spam

If you find that your comment doesn’t immediately show up, it may have been erroneously flagged as spam.

Please email us at to follow up on the status of your comment if it hasn’t shown up after 24 hours and we will do our best to sort it out.


One thought on “Comment policy

  1. Mr Key, you will leave the worst legacy of any Prime Minister if you sign away our sovereignty and allow a corporate take over of our country by signing the TTP agreement. Uphold democracy and the rights of New Zealanders, whom you are suupposed to represent! We are relying on you for our future!
    Joanna Ramsay

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