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The man in a suit

This author of this short story is Tina Hansen, a passionate NZNO member who works in the aged care sector.

Man in a suit

The old man, looking out his rest home hospital bedroom door saw a nurse’s uniform walk by.
‘What!?’ he thought.
Soon another uniform walked by, this time he noticed the uniform had legs and arms attached but no head.
‘What the hell is going on?’ he wondered, ‘nurses with no heads?!’

He rang his bell and no one came.
‘Bugger this’, he thought and rang his bell again and again.
‘%$#@’ he thought.

Eventually a man in a suit arrived.
“What can I do for you?” the man in a suit asked.
“I have rung the bell but no nurse appears” he said.
The man in a suit frowned and asked if he could help.
“Oh no, I need a nurse” said the man “and all I have seen is uniforms with arms and legs walking past – no heads.”
“This is not right” said the man in a suit.

He went looking for nurses; sure enough all he found was uniforms with arms and legs.
The man in a suit rang the police.
“Something has happened to my nurses, they are walking around with no heads.”
“We will be right there.” the police chief said, “We can’t have nurses with no heads.”

The police chief arrived with some other police officers and searched the building for evidence. After a short time they found a room with nurses’ heads piled up and with unfinished documentation everywhere. The police were left in no doubt as to who the heads belonged to.

A meeting with the man in a suit and the police chief exposed the information. The man in a suit had told the nurses if they didn’t get all their work done, heads would roll.

There were not enough nurses and not enough time in the day for them to care for their patients and do their paperwork. And that wasn’t good enough for the man in the suit.

Their heads rolled, leaving headless nurses, useful for nothing.

The man in a suit was arrested for the dismemberment of the nurses’ bodies, spirits and souls.