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An open letter to John Key


It’s been kept pretty hush-hush but it looks like the New Zealand Government wants to sign us up to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement in the next couple of days. The views of an overwhelming majority of New Zealanders are being completely ignored. If you want to put your hand up and say, “Walk away from the TPPA!”, here’s your opportunity.

If you would like to become a signatory to the open letter below, please add your name in the comments, or print the file, sign it and send it to:

Rt Hon John Key
Prime Minister
Parliament Buildings

An open letter to the Government from nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants
September 2015

Tēnā koe Prime Minister

We are disturbed to read reports that you intend to seek a hasty conclusion to negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

“It’s the best we could do” is not a good enough reason to sign a bad deal.

As health professionals we believe the best we can do to ensure our communities stay healthy is to ask you to reject the deal, and walk away.
Access to the best medicines at the earliest opportunity and at an affordable price is vitally important.

Signing New Zealand up to a deal that puts our health, our sovereignty, and our quality of life at risk is foolhardy.

It is not too late to walk away from Trans Pacific Partnership talks. Please do the right thing for New Zealand.

Nāku iti noa, nā
The New Zealand Nurses Organisation
and the undersigned

227 thoughts on “An open letter to John Key

  1. Please add my name to this letter

  2. There is nothing ethical about the TPPA. So nothing ethical about the people signing it. or taking part in any way. Please add my name

  3. I do not want the TPPA agreement signed by our Government as it does not serve inclusion or a purpose relating to the welfare or long term benefits for our families which make up our communities for furture generations in our country of Aotearoa therefore
    have chosen to have my name Nefu Fuimaono in
    full support of this letter
    addressed directly to you Prime
    Minister John Keys
    Honourable John Keys

  4. Please add my name : Laura May Hartley RN

  5. please add my name to this letter

  6. Please include me to this letter.

  7. Please include my name

  8. Please add my name to this letter

  9. Please add my name to this letter

  10. Ensure the rights and health of the New Zealand people are upheld, the TPPA is not an ethical decision, and nor should it be allowed…

  11. definitely add my name!

  12. Totally disagree with the TTPA, NZ needs to stand firm against this happening, Please add my name to this letter

  13. Please add me to this petition

  14. Please add my name

  15. Please add my name. Angela Meyer.

  16. What we might gain from this agreement is far outweighed by what we will be forced to give up. Please do not sign New Zealand up to the TPPA Agreement

  17. Please add my name: Elisabeth Browne RN

  18. Leonie Freeman

  19. Please add my name to this letter. New Zealand deserves better than this.

  20. Please include me in this letter, thank you

  21. Please include me in this letter thanks

  22. Please include me in this letter, thank you

  23. Please add my name to this letter..Melanie Paki.

  24. Justine Fletcher
    I’d like my name to be added to this letter — thanks in advance.

  25. Please add my name to the letter

  26. Please add my name to this letter

  27. Please ad my name to this letter

  28. Keeping secrets not the way to win friends or votes. John Key, you seem to be taringa (ear) deficient.

  29. Please add my name to this letter

  30. Signing the TPPA would make a travesty of democracy. We have been told that Investor State Dispute cases are only being taken in old “badly designed” Trade Agreements. If that is the case why has the number of such cases ballooned including between countries that have rock solid national legal systems like Germany and Norway. Opposition to this agreement is widespread in New Zealand. In this respect it is just like opposition to the flag process but with much more important long term consequences for ordinary people.

  31. Please do not do this Mr Key. Think of the new Zealanders that this will effect.

  32. Please walk away from TPPA ~ add my name please

  33. Please add my name

  34. please add my name to the list

  35. Please consider the loses from this deal.

  36. Again you have blatantly are defying the rights for New Zealanders. I do not agree with signing this contract. Please add my name to the list.

  37. Please add my name to the open letter. I am particularly concerned that the public of NZ are not able to see or debate the text of the proposed TPPA.

  38. Add my name please

  39. Please add my name

  40. Add my name please

  41. Please add my name

  42. John Key prepared to throw away our autonomy and democracy and leave NZ open to being brutalised by U.S. big business.
    Please add my name to this letter.

  43. please add my name!!

  44. Please add my name to this list

  45. Please add my name to this list

  46. Please add my name to this letter

  47. What happened to democracy? Please add my name
    Val Flint

  48. Let us vote for or against we have the right. Please consider the impact on those already living below the poverty line, if it improves the socio economic status tell us how.

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